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Florida Adlerian Society

25th Annual Conference
A two-day Virtual Conference
March 5th and 6th, 2021

Friday, March 5th

9 AM – 10:30AM • Session 1, A Theoretical Overview and Demonstration of Counseling with an Individual Adult

Frank Walton, Ph. D.    A brief overview of Adlerian psychology theory will be applied to helping an individual adult to better understand his or her belief system as it relates to the presenting problem.  Seven questions will be taught to help provide a holistic interpretation of the client’s approach to life.

11 AM – 12:30 PM • Session 2, Adlerian Marriage Counseling and Demonstration

Timothy D. Evans, Ph. D., LMFT and Geri Carter, MA, LMHC.  Meaningful relationships are central to a good life.  Meeting  someone and staying together are one of life’s biggest challenges.  It is distressing when two people in a committed relationship are unable to relate in peace and harmony, and are in jeopardy because they don’t know how to deal with incompatibilities or how to create cooperative and equal relationships.  Presenters will provide a brief overview of Individual Psychology and how it applies to a couple through a demonstration.

1:30 PM – 3 PM • Session 3, Nutrition for the Brain

Joseph Walters, Ph. D.  Adlerians strive for a holistic approach for mental health.  Nutrition  is often overlooked though plays a vital role.  This workshop will explore the basics of nutrition and how it can help maintain physical and mental health. 

3:30 PM – 5 PM • Session 4, “Creating a Respectful Workplace

Dina Emser, MA, Executive Leadership  Coach.  This workshop will explore how Adlerian principles are relevant in business today.  Communicating encouragement to empower colleagues at work will be demonstrated and discussed.

Saturday, March 6th

9 AM – 10:30 AM • Session 1, Moving Families from Competition to Cooperation

Calvin D. Armerding, MA, LPC.  Families are vulnerable to competition that pushes individuals towards the “useless side of life.” Adlerian lifestyle investigation helps expose these dynamics so that families can be reoriented towards cooperative dynamics and build a sense of belonging. This workshop will include demonstrations of lifestyle investigation, strategies and case studies.

11 AM – 12:30 PM • Session 2, The Courageous Couple: Connection not Control

Anne M. Geroux, Ph. D., and Emalee Gabriel, MA.  The most basic need in humans is love and belong.  Couples seek help when they feel discouraged and struggle to meet this need.  Participants will learn how to refrain from using external control psychology and instead connect in healthy ways.

1:30 PM – 3 PM • Session 3, Adlerian Case Conceptualization

Jon Sperry, Ph. D, Gerardo Casteleiro, LMHC, and Jill Dagistino, MA.  This workshop offers a strategy for developing a concise case conceptualization and treatment plan based on the client’s  pattern of movement and will integrate key Adlerian constructs.  Several cases will be used to illustrate the elements of case conceptualization.

3:30 PM – 5 PM • Session 4, Lagom; How Much is Enough and the Psychology of Money

Timothy D. Evans Ph. D., and Geri Carter, MA, LMHC.  Adlerian psychology is a psychology of use and not possession.  The psychology of money is rarely explored in counseling.  Money and wealth can plague us into competitive entanglements based on scarcity or always wanting more.  Conversely it can be used for expressing our humanity, self reliance and the practice of having enough, “lagom” .  The practice of having enough will be explored.



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