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Florida Adlerian Society

26th Annual Conference
A two-day Conference
March 4th and 5th, 2022

Friday, March 4th

9 AM – 12 PM • F1) Thriving the Affair.

Geri Cater, MA, LMHC, Carter and Evans Marriage & Family Therapy

Adler’s life task of intimacy is challenged in today’s culture. This workshop will help participants move from thinking that an affair ruins and ends a marriage to a view of using the affair to launch a more satisfying relationship and the steps one can take to accomplish this transition.

1:30 PM – 4:30 PM • F2) Courage to Be Disliked & Love.

Timothy D. Evans, Ph. D., LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Carter and Evans Marriage and Family Therapy

The theory of Individual Psychology will be presented and its use in making deeper connections with others, self-acceptance, confidence in others, and social interest. Along with what it means to love in a long-term relationship.

9:00 AM – 10:30 AMF3) What is this thing called Love?

Anne Geroux, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapy, Tampa, Florida

We expect more out of love than ever before. We bring to our relationships a whole new “Mount Olympus” of expectations which collides with reality leaving us feeling discourage and defeated. This workshop will help you navigate the challenges of modern-day romance. How to create satisfying relationships with the newer psychologies will be presented.

10:30 AM – 12 PM • F4) Reflections on Fifty Years as An Adlerian. 

Frank Walton, Ph. D., Past President NASAP, International Trainer, Columbia, SC.

Keynote speech, 39th. South Carolina Fall Conference. Dr. Walton present what he has learned and his experiences with Adlerian Psychology over the past 50 years.

12PM – 1:30 PM LUNCH • Explore the resort or Main Street for a variety of restaurants.

1:30 PM – 3 PM • F5) Praise vs. Encouragement: Practical Parenting Workshop. 

Kathi Coker, Ed.D., LMHC, Clinical Director for HEADS.

This workshop will examine the difference between parental praise versus encouragement and its implications for healthy parenting.

1:30 PM – 3 PM • F6) Yoga and Adlerian Psychology:  Mindfulness and Somatic Practices. 

Caroline Faifman, MS, LMHC, RYT, Mental Health Counselor and Yoga Instructor, Tampa

Yoga serves as a valuable mind-body intervention that is complementary to Adlerian psychology and therapy. Adler believed the mind and body are one, and therefore the mind responds to the body and vice versa. Learn how to practice and teach simple techniques that can be used personally, and professionally.

3:30 PM to 5 PM • Encouragement Exchange Social. 

One of the most important parts of Adlerian psychology is “Social interest” and “community feeling”.  Join us for appetizers and a libation and a time to visit with fellow participants.

Saturday, March 5th

9 AM – 10:30 AM Welcome and Keynote:  Moving Families from Competition to Cooperation

Calvin D. Armerding, MA, LPC, Author, The Cooperative Family, Travelers Rest, SC. How to Create Cooperation in the Family.

This workshop will examine the difference between parental praise versus encouragement and its implications for healthy parenting.

10:45 AM – 4:30 PM • S1) The Telos Project. All-Day Workshop 

Calvin D. Armerding. Travelers Rest Counseling Associates, Province: South Carolina

Everyone has an aspirational answer to the question: “What is the meaning of my life?” However, it is difficult to answer the question truthfully. This experiential and didactic workshop explores Adlerian teleonomy, offering structured lifestyle investigation exercises to demonstrate the discovery of the “telos,” our global, desired ideal.

10:45 AM – 12 PM • S2) Fueling Your Thoughts: A Novel Approach to Nutrition.

Joseph Walters, Ph.D., University of Tampa – College of Health Science and Human Performance.

Nutrition plays an essential role in our daily lives. However, nutrition is often overlooked for the wellbeing of our mental health. In this workshop we will explore the basics of nutrition and some novel approaches to dieting for mental health.

10:30 AM – 12 PM • S3) Creating Healthy Sexuality in Young Adults. 

Katie Evans, Graduate Student, Department of Counseling, University of South Georgia, Timothy D. Evans, Ph.D., Carter and Evans, Marriage and Family Therapy.

Sexual desire exists amongst teenagers. A discussion about sexual desire does not. American culture has created a bleak narrative around sex.  Individuals experience shame and guilt when identifying their relationship with their own sexuality. We have continued to pass these feelings on to younger generations. While missing the opportunities to provide information, needed discussion, and exploring sexuality. How can we change the narrative and create a realistic discussion about teenage sexual desire? 

12 PM – 1:30 PM – LUNCH

1:30 PM – 3 PM • S4) The Art of Encouragement with Cameron Meredith & Dreikurs.

Timothy D. Evans, Ph. D., AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Carter and Evans Marriage and Family Therapy

Encouragement is a fundamental concept in helping to improve relationships and create an atmosphere of cooperation and democracy. It is the key concept in the development of social interest. Encouragement creates psychological hardiness and increasing belonging in self and others. This was part of the Kellogg Foundation Grant at UGA.

1:30 PM – 3PM • S5) Introduction to Individual Psychology. 

Geri Cater, MA, LMHC, Carter, and Evans Marriage & Family Therapy

The workshop will provide an overview of the theory and practice of Adlerian Psychology and its application to the many models of service delivery to individuals, families, couples, and the workplace.

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